Sacramento Kings: Time to regain supremacy

The Sacramento Kings were the beneficiary of a lucky bounce, as their ping-pong ball ended up coming out with the number two overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

They headed into the draft lottery with the seventh best odds and ended up jumping five spots into that number two pick. The Kings are presented with an abundance of options with this pick, as they can either use it to snag the best player for their team, or move it for pieces that would better suit this organization.

Since the Kings have the second pick, they still have to wait and see which direction the Phoenix Suns go in — but with a few players that could possibly go No. 1, whoever falls to them will be a great asset no matter what.

Sacramento could select the 6-foot-6-inch guard Luka Doncic from Europe, to pair with starting point guard De’Aaron Fox. This would create an explosive backcourt that is reliant on getting to the rim and drawing the defense inside. This duo could grow into one of the league’s most feared combinations. If one — or both — of these players develops a consistent jumpshot, it could propel the Kings into the top-tier of the Western Conference. The selection of Doncic would also push Buddy Hield to the bench, which would instantly improve the Kings’ rotation and would throw Hield into the conversation for Sixth Man of the Year.

The second option for the Kings would be to select a big man, either: Marvin Bagley out of Duke, or Deandre Ayton out of Arizona. Both of these players would instantly become the Kings best big man, as they would be utilized as a great pick-and roll star with Fox. While both players would be a great fit with the Kings, they play slightly different styles. Ayton is a larger defensive presence, whereas Bagley is a larger threat to stretch the floor. By no means does this mean Ayton can’t shoot or Bagley struggles on defense –both players are quite respectable in those areas — but each respective player is slightly better in their respective category.

If the Kings decide to select either of these players, they would instantly improve as an organization and be one step closer to contending in the tough Western Conference.

The third and final option — arguably the worst option — would be to trade this pick. If the Kings valued someone who was listed further down on the draft board, someone like Jaren Jackson out of Michigan, or Trae Young out of Oklahoma, they could trade down a few selections and acquire an added pick, either later in this draft or in next years, and still select their preferred player.

While this would give the Kings more pieces to build with and around, they need to hit a home run in this draft and passing up a cornerstone player isn’t the way to do that.

Unless someone comes calling with an offer that without a doubt pins the Kings as immediate WCF competitors, they shouldn’t even consider dealing this pick. One of the only exceptional trades the Kings could make would be if the Atlanta Hawks or Memphis Grizzlies were looking to move up from the three or the four spot and offered a future first as well in the deal.

Come the June 21st NBA Draft, the Kings should undeinably be taking one incredibly large step forward towards finally becoming a respectable and competitive NBA franchise again.