Welcome to Milwaukee, Mike Budenholzer!

The Bucks have agreed to make former Atlanta Hawks coach the next in line to command their promising young ball club to new heights. 

Budenholzer has spent the last five seasons as the head coach of the Hawks, leading them to four playoff appearances and one Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

The Bucks have all the potential to be one of the most lethal defenses in the league — if not the top dog — but they have lacked a mastermind to orchestrate these players for sometime — well, until now. “Bud” has a proven track record of extracting the most out of his players and leading his clubs with stingy defenses. Budenholzer’s past is exactly what Milwaukee craves now, as they have an abundance of unlocked potential sprinkled with a sub-par defensive presence.

With an all-length team, Bud will have the luxury of throwing countless different looks at the opposition to keep the offense guessing. If Budenholzer is able to harness Milwaukee’s true potential, the Bucks could be a force on the defensive side of the ball for years to come.

However, the offensive end is truly where Bud could help improve Milwaukee the most. Budenholzer has a history of turning bottom-end role players into top-tier rotation players — which could be the Bucks’ key to becoming ECF contenders.

Previously, Bud has helped turn around the careers of the likes of Demarre Carroll and Kent Bazemore, as he transitioned them from minimal impact players to key components on their team’s rotation.

Tony Snell and Sterling Brown could become two of the most essential players on the Bucks roster under Budenholzer’s control, as they offer the three-and-D mold that Bud has been accustomed to crystallizing.

As for the overall team, Budenholzer will aid in some much needed ball movement, as throughout the entirety of the 2017-2018 season, ball movement was seemingly hard to come by. Establishing this developed edge over competitors will assist the Bucks greatly in the postseason.

Bud may seem like the perfect coach in Milwaukee, but if the Bucks fail to make noise in the Eastern Conference — yet again — he could just turn out to be another name in a long line of disappointment. He and the players in Milwaukee will try their hardest to prove that won’t be the case, as they attempt to highlight overlooked players and showcase a stronger, more impactful defensive presence in the 2018-19 season.