LeBronto: History in the making

In a Game 2 matchup against the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James scored a monumental 43 points to led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 128-110 win, pushing the series to a 2-0 advantage.

During the invasion of James, ESPN announcer Mark Jones established a new — and highly publicized — name for Toronto at the end of the third quarter: LeBronto.

Since James added a 43-point playoff game in his 15th season to his resume, he managed to remain in beast mode, as he executed Game 3 with 38 points and his second playoff buzzer-beater this season to take the win.

If you are Toronto, is there really much of anything you can do besides refresh your city’s tourism video by highlighting Canada’s new-found fame led by someone from Cleveland?

Absolutely not.

What LeBron is accomplishing at age 33 expands far beyond tourism videos, memes and t-shirts.

The man did not miss a single game this year, all 82 games played, executed and dominated. James averaged a career-high of 9.1 assists per game, tied a career-high of rebounds per game with 8.6 and average 1.8 big ones from beyond the arc.

Aging like wine, James has been in overdrive for the past few years. SBNation ran an early ranking of his enduring 2017-18 season, and placed year 15 as the fourth-best career season for James.

Bron-Bron averaged a triple-double over the month of February, marking that as the first time he has done so over a month in his career — but that is not the true accomplishment. The true success of that effortless domination lies in the fact that he became the oldest-ever player to average a triple-double, surpassing Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlain’s record.

James, who has yet to lose his appetite for the title of the G.O.A.T., also became the first player in NBA history to rack up 30,000 points, 8,000 rebounds and 8,000 assists this season.

LeBronto is about so much more than running the top-seed in the Eastern Conference up-and-down the floor. It is about the ascendancy of a player that should be descending. It is about pushing the age requirement of a player’s prime by nearly ten years. It is about laying historical ground every night you step out on the floor.

It is about being the King.