Los Angeles Lakers future champions?

With the Los Angeles Lakers being a team teeter-tottering on the revival of a dynasty and a massive letdown, the question becomes, will this inexperienced — yet extremely individualized — roster ever be able to pull it all together for the ultimate goal of an NBA Championship?

Finishing the season with a record of 35-47, it is hard to even say how long before this team breaks .500, but ideally, it would happen next year. When your entire starting five is average 10-plus points a game, there is really no reason why it cannot be accomplished in the 2018-19 season.

The Lakers have found a foundation of ascendancy within future All-Stars Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram. Nonetheless, the Lakers still religiously lack reliability with their youthful prospects.

The only thing that is really holding the Lakers back from tipping the glass on success is time. It all comes down to consistency and execution, and when Los Angeles is rolling in with a roster of 11 out of their 16 guys only having three years or less of experience in the league, it is not surprising that they fell to more established franchises this season.

This year simply served as their first building block. In a few seasons, the core of this franchise will more than likely blossom into something fruitful. However, between now and then, the Lakers cannot let up on the small goals to get them there.

With a calm, cool and collected head coach in Luke Walton, the Lakers’ distinguished 20-somethings will need to make it a priority to maintain their developing team chemistry, strengthen their defense, and acquire an established veteran (i.e. LeBron James or Paul George) to help guide their boyhood in the right direction.

If the Lakers keep the core of their team, gain a current All-Star and wield patience, a future championship will be in strong contention in Los Angeles and a dynasty will upon them.