The Houston Rockets take control of the NBA

Somethings just need to come to an end, and the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Golden State Warriors series is just one of those things.

You can pretty much bank on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers remaining out of the NBA Finals. With their failed attempt at recruiting at the start of this season, the Cavs just don’t have that established edge other teams have in the league right now. So, while they still remain a serious threat in the Eastern Conference — only due James’ monumental performances in his 15th season — they will are just no match for the pace of the top seed, the Toronto Raptors.

With the Cavaliers on a basically sure ticket out of the NBA Finals, that leaves only one team left, the Warriors.

Every team in the Western Conference is taking their shot at becoming the next best thing, aka the next Golden State. However, no one has made a better shot for themselves than the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets have remained at the top of their conference for the better half of the season now. As the Warriors start to fall apart, the Rockets remain healthy and stable headed into playoffs.

With the addition of Chris Paul at point guard, the ball movement for the Rockets has increased tremendously. Their offense no longer solely revolves around probable MVP James Harden. While their offense still relies heavily on isolation plays, Harden is not the only one taking them anymore.

Houston’s squad is not just made up from CP3 and the Beard though.

2016-2017 3-Point Contest Champion, Eric Gordon, is dropping consecutive back-to-back threes consistently. Veteran guard, Trevor Ariza, is making it rain like it is his rookie season. Houston center, Clint Capela, is even showing signs of having a little bit of that Giannis Antetokounmpo blood in him this season.

Everyone is stepping up on the Rockets squad. Bound and determined, the broken and tried Warriors just don’t have a chance against the depth that Houston is rolling with late into this season.